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Talking to Teens About Pornography (YouthSTAR Parent Night)

Tonight I have the privilege of leading another YouthSTAR Parent Night for families in our program. I look forward to sharing with them a clip from the following video called “What Teens Wish Their Parents Knew When Addressing the Issue … Continue reading

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Parenting the Internet Generation – New Resource for Parents

As both a professional and a parent, I am always looking for new & improved resources for those wanting to protect their children from pornography. Today as I prepared for a talk to local teens about protecting themselves from pornography, I … Continue reading

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For Parents and Porn-Addicts: A New Way to Watch Movies

I strongly believe that those of us in recovery from sexual addiction should diligently guard our eyes. In early recovery I was vigilant to only watch movies of a particularly low rating or ones where the sensuality was edited out … Continue reading

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The Moment YOUR Child Sees Pornography: How to Prepare

Every child will see pornography. After years of studying the impact of pornography on children and its widespread availability, I am convinced of this. Still, most parents optimistically hold to the “not my child” belief. But that’s not what the … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk about Porn and Food Addictions – A Month Of Interviews (Free)

This month, a handful of knowledgeable therapists from our practice are appearing on the internet TV show “Mind, Body, & Spirit”, with Susan Hill, M.S., MFT Intern. The main topics will be food and sex addictions. Our treatment programs and … Continue reading

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