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Talking about Sex Addiction: A Compassionate Approach

In this recent TedTalk therapist Paula Hall compassionately introduces the topic of sex addiction.  She humanizes those who struggle with this debilitating addiction, emphasizing three important points: 1. Sex addiction is real 2. Sex addiction effects ordinary people 3. Compassionate conversations about … Continue reading

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Dealing with “Demons”: Healing from a Shame-Based Identity

Do you ever feel like there is a horrific “beast” inside of you? Have you thought that something is deeply wrong inside, experiencing disconnection from those around you? Do you maintain a beautiful exterior life while “demons” of  shame haunt … Continue reading

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“Brene Brown: The Power of Vulnerability”

This is one of the best videos out there on shame, courage, and connection. What stood out to you in this video? How does this video relate to addiction and recovery? Please leave a comment below.

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“The Procrastination Pit” by Forest Benedict, MA, SATP-C, LifeSTAR of the Central Valley

Last night my family and I went out to celebrate a major milestone; the completion of a project that was years in the making. The nature of this so called “project” was unique. It was birthed four years ago, when … Continue reading

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The Power of Group Therapy

Talking about your problems is not an easy thing to do. Many prefer individual therapy over group therapy because they believe their issues are worse than others; that others won’t understand them, or they are uncomfortable talking about their issues … Continue reading

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“Essential Recovery Tool: The Self-Compassion Break” by Forest Benedict, MA, SATP-C

Self-compassion is gaining momentum in the addiction recovery field as an effective intervention with multiple benefits. Over a hundred journal articles point to conclusive results that self-compassion is “predictive of psychological well-being” (Dr Kristin Neff) in many areas. You may … Continue reading

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