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How Paying Attention Protects Our Children from Porn

In my recent interview with Lisa Shanklin of Educate Empower Kids, we focused on one of the topics emphasized in my book – protecting children from pornography. In the chapter entitled “How Paying Attention Protects Our Children from Porn” and in this … Continue reading

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Talking to Teens About Pornography (YouthSTAR Parent Night)

Tonight I have the privilege of leading another YouthSTAR Parent Night for families in our program. I look forward to sharing with them a clip from the following video called “What Teens Wish Their Parents Knew When Addressing the Issue … Continue reading

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“Life After Lust” – A Motivating Manual for Sexual Addicts in Recovery (Coming Soon)

Recovery from sexual addiction is very hard but very possible. Those who feel caught in the cycle of addiction often have difficulty believing in a way out, let alone knowing what it is. Fortunately, many sexual addicts have found their way … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Smart Speaks About Pornography’s Role In Her Abduction (Video)

A week ago, our friends at Fight the New Drug released a newsworthy article and video (below) about Elizabeth Smart. In the video, Elizabeth shared her story, recalling how pornography made her “living hell worse”. I share this with our … Continue reading

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Out of Our Pain Comes Our Purpose

Over a decade ago I checked into a treatment program hoping to heal from a serious sexual addiction. A transformed life was Plan A. Plan B was a secret plot to escape to Las Vegas and drown myself in addictive self-destruction. My contingency … Continue reading

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Love, Sex, Porn, & Addiction Discussion Group (Online & Free)

I recently became of aware of some online resources for sexual addicts. First, the website called InTheRooms.com provides many free online 12-Step meetings such as Sexaholics Anonymous, Sex Addicts Anonymous, Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous, Adult Children of Alcoholics/Dysfunctional Families, … Continue reading

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Dear Porn: A Father’s Letter

*This letter was originally posted on Protect Young Minds for Father’s Day of 2015. Please share this powerful piece with all fathers as we prepare to celebrate our essential role in the lives of our children. Happy Father’s Day! Dear … Continue reading

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