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Fighting Lust With Love: How to Honor, Not Objectify (VLOG)

Lust is my drug of choice. This has been true for me since adolescence. It helped me cope with life’s challenges but in the end brought many more. Now that I’m in recovery, fighting lust is a daily ideal. Some … Continue reading

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How to Battle Lust (VLOG)

For those who don’t struggle with compulsive lusting, this video may not┬ámake sense. Those seeking recovery from lust addiction will get it. Are you committed to acknowledging your vulnerabilities and making a battle plan for success? If so, you’ll find … Continue reading

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Life After Lust: From Obsession to Satisfaction

Have you ever wondered how a person could become sexually addicted? In the thought-provoking article entitled “Why Men Are So Obsessed With Sex“, Dr Steve Bearman articulated a fascinating answer. He began with a description of an early environment that … Continue reading

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“The Lie of Lust” by Forest Benedict, MA, SATP-C

Here is an excerpt from a new LifeSTAR workbook I just finished creating that will soon be available to participants in our LifeSTAR of the Central Valley program. The Lie of Lust Would you consider the possibility that lust is … Continue reading

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