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“Instructions for a Bad Day” -A Call to Hope and Perseverance

Need inspiration and hope today? Take 5.5 minutes to watch this video. Be encouraged. Then share this with someone else who needs it. -By Forest Benedict, MA, SATP-C, LMFT, Clinical Director of LifeSTAR of the Central Valley If you benefited from this article, … Continue reading

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Out of Our Pain Comes Our Purpose

Over a decade ago I checked into a treatment program hoping to heal from a serious sexual addiction. A transformed life was Plan A. Plan B was a secret plot to escape to Las Vegas and drown myself in addictive self-destruction. My contingency … Continue reading

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Are You Being a Victim to Your Porn Addiction?

Today XXXChurch published my newest article called “Don’t Be a Victim to Your Porn Addiction“. This article provides a challenging and brutally honest perspective about the attitude change necessary to beat sexual addiction. In it I shared my experience: “The “secret … Continue reading

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Key Recovery Skill: Learning to Love Life

Recovery is not just about learning to be sober and self-controlled but also learning to live life to the fullest [Tweet this]. This means connecting with yourself, with those around you, and with a sense of greater purpose. Also, since … Continue reading

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In the Face of Failure: How to Get Back Up & Go for Your Goals

If you’re like me, you’re experiencing some resistance and failure in the face of your New Year’s goals. We often become overwhelmed with shame, frustration, and self-hatred over a lack of progress, sometimes abandoning goals that were once deeply important to us. If … Continue reading

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Finding Motivation & Inspiration – New Facebook Group Launched

The transition from surviving to thriving requires community. If you are in recovery from addiction or simply stuck in a state of mediocrity, I invite you to join me in the new Facebook Group launched yesterday called “The Inspiration Community“. … Continue reading

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My Path Out of Porn Addiction: A Therapist’s Journey

When I recently wrote about my promotion to Clinical Director and the career journey that led me to this work I love to do, I omitted a significant piece of my history. We all have a back-story. It is ours … Continue reading

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“From Under the Rock” by Forest Benedict, M.A., SATP-C, LifeSTAR of the Central Valley

“Taking some of these measures was like killing off part of me, they were so much against my natural inclinations.” (Sexaholics Anonymous, 2001, p. 167) The true story of Aron Ralston’s near-death experience in a canyoneering accident was vividly portrayed … Continue reading

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