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“Instructions for a Bad Day” -A Call to Hope and Perseverance

Need inspiration and hope today? Take 5.5 minutes to watch this video. Be encouraged. Then share this with someone else who needs it. -By Forest Benedict, MA, SATP-C, LMFT, Clinical Director of LifeSTAR of the Central Valley If you benefited from this article, … Continue reading

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Out of Our Pain Comes Our Purpose

Over a decade ago I checked into a treatment program hoping to heal from a serious sexual addiction. A transformed life was Plan A. Plan B was a secret plot to escape to Las Vegas and drown myself in addictive self-destruction. My contingency … Continue reading

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Real Recovery from Sex Addiction: A Partner’s Perspective

The article entitled “What No One Tells You About Sex Addiction Recovery” provides one of the best descriptions of real recovery I have ever read. In her article, Avalon Vic shared honestly about her experience of discovering her husband’s sex addiction, … Continue reading

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Is Digital Adultery Poisoning Your Marriage?

I had the privilege of writing this piece on pornography addiction and how it harms relationships. Though it is from a Christian perspective, it contains practical tips for anyone struggling with with this issue, including partners. I would be honored … Continue reading

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My Path Out of Porn Addiction: A Therapist’s Journey

When I recently wrote about my promotion to Clinical Director and the career journey that led me to this work I love to do, I omitted a significant piece of my history. We all have a back-story. It is ours … Continue reading

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Standing Together Against ‘Shades of Grey’: The Birth of a Movement by Forest Benedict, MA, SATP-C, MFT Intern (#63601)

On February 6th I did the bravest thing I’ve ever done, sharing with the world “What One Person Can Do to Stand Against ‘Shades of Grey’”. Prompted from within, I believed the time had arrived. Diving into controversial waters, I … Continue reading

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The Lesson of Gratitude

A couple months ago I lost a dear friend to cancer. Nothing stirs up questions about life like the death of a loved one. It left me with questions about suffering and spirituality. It taught me many lessons as well. … Continue reading

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