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The Scary Side of Sugar: The Trick of Treats

Halloween is a celebration of sugar. Cloaked in creative costumes, we savor sweets in several settings, whether parading from house to house with kiddos or partying with friends. Somehow these evenings often end with a massive sugar stash or a … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk about Porn and Food Addictions – A Month Of Interviews (Free)

This month, a handful of knowledgeable therapists from our practice are appearing on the internet TV show “Mind, Body, & Spirit”, with Susan Hill, M.S., MFT Intern. The main topics will be food and sex addictions. Our treatment programs and … Continue reading

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Holiday Recipes for Relapse & Recovery (Revised)

The holidays can feel like a minefield for those in recovery. More-so than other times of the year, disastrous dynamics go hand-in-hand with the celebrations of the season. For this noteworthy reason, partners and addicts alike can benefit from preparing … Continue reading

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Exercise: Good for the Body, Great for the Brain

We are all looking for that “miracle” experience that will infuse us with the power to reach our goals. For those striving to attain seemingly impossible achievements, such as recovering from an addiction, finding “recovery boosters” will be an essential part … Continue reading

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“Holiday Recipes for Relapse & Recovery” by Forest Benedict, MA, SATP-C, LifeSTAR of the Central Valley

The holidays can be a challenging time for all of us, especially those in recovery. An increase in sugary, fatty foods, plus a decrease in structure, combined with a mixture of family chaos, can quickly become a recipe for relapse. … Continue reading

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