Please Vote for Your Favorite Book Cover (Forest Benedict’s Upcoming Book)



I am excited to share some possible covers for my upcoming book “Life After Lust”! Would you please take a minute to browse through the following 5 images and comment below on which one is your favorite and what you like about it?

Also,  which cover (or combination of covers) would be the best fit for my intended audience –  male and female sex & pornography addicts of all (or no) religious backgrounds?

Also, please let me know if you prefer the subtitle on these covers or this one: “Stories & Strategies for Sex & Porn Addiction Recovery”.

The more people who vote, the better, so please share this post with others.

Thank you for your feedback and for sharing this exciting news!

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Forest Benedict, LMFT, SATP-C, LifeSTAR of the Central Valley



4. life-after-lust-3d3

5. life-after-lust-3d5

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40 Responses to Please Vote for Your Favorite Book Cover (Forest Benedict’s Upcoming Book)

  1. Sami Simpson says:

    I like the fifth one! The color contrast is cool, and it just feels like one I would pick up off-the-shelf. However number two would be my second favorite because of its focus on connection with other people, rather than having to do it alone .

  2. Sarah Scheib says:


  3. Laurie says:

    Definitely #5. It’s the most hopeful, appealing, and gender neutral. Can’t wait to read it! 😊

  4. April Kriz says:

    I like cover #3. I think this would appeal to both men & women better than #1 & #5, which I feel might target men, but not women. The other 2 were not as good. Not sure about title …

  5. nathanfreeland says:

    I like #4 the best. I think the human silhouette images are way overused. The plain feel of #4 is more professional.

  6. Vickey belmont says:

    I like 3
    The couple on the front, to me, implies that they have fought together and remain united in marriage. It is a new day and a new way of living life

  7. Jeremy says:

    First pick is five
    second-best is four
    Third choice is two

    Great work

  8. Dan says:

    Hi Forest, congratulations on your book being published. It is so neat to see the ministry you create by tackling a subject that can be very uncomfortable to discuss — but life-rescuing –critically-important! Healing hearts, building healthy relationships, providing hope to get past an addiction that can wreak havoc — things can get better.

    Regarding a favorite cover — Cover 5 stands out brilliantly. The colors are very dynamic, bright white and blue for “Life” (A bright blue sky), and dark black and red for “Lust” (death), with a brilliant sunrise shining light into a valley — very epic.

    Cover 4 has color-tones that feel like an textbook or encyclopedia. Not sure if this book is meant to be for academia or meant for personal-reading. If the latter, maybe another cover.

    Cover 3 is a great runner-up, the man and woman walking together provides hope of a thriving relationship through recovery. Walking into the mountains with a setting sun has a real “let’s go on a journey vibe”.

    Whoever is your designer did a great job, awesome ideas and excellent presentation to go with it.

    Looking forward to the book, stay amazing and keep fighting the good fight!

    • fbenedict says:

      Dan, thank you for the feedback! This is definitely meant to be a book for those struggling, not academia. I LOVE that you pick up on the symbolism of the sunset cover…that was intentional! Thanks again!

  9. Christine Schmidt says:

    I voted for #1 but also would like to see female figure on there … I like the simplicity of #1 It shows the victory with the arms up like that …I think the others were a little bit busy except for #4 which looked like too many other books on the market over the years ….Congratulations on your new book …..I think it is a badly needed resource in the recovery area …….

  10. Joanne says:

    I think all 5 have some good meanings behind them…and I am having a hard time choosing what I think is “best”. They all could appeal to a different audience, which makes it hard. Since you want the widest audience, I would lean towards #3, since it’s clear that there is a couple on it. Like the others have said, that shows that you can overcome together…and doesn’t indicate which partner is the one that recovered. I do like the ones with the arms in the air though as if “I did it”…but they appear to be men and so it might turn some women off. Tough decision you have ahead of you.

  11. Lisa Sanders says:

    I liked the 5th picture. I liked the vibrancy of the sunrise- which to me felt like a reference to the passion of lust that is turned into healthy love. It felt alive and awakening and optimistic.

  12. I’m going with #3 Forest! I feel hopeful and inspired with the image of the man pointing forward. I also am drawn to the colors. So many congratulations to you!!

  13. Mary Ellen Kundrat says:

    #5 appeals to me

  14. My favorite is #5. And I like “Stories & Strategies for Sex & Porn Addiction Recovery” for the subtitle.

  15. I love #3. So very hopeful and positive. Good Luck!
    Susan Jongekryg LMSW, LLC
    Grand Rapids, MI

  16. Sharon Bielecki says:

    #5. I like #5 the best except that the human image seems a bit too celebratory. Although, I do understand that that may be what you are going for. It has the best back ground. I like #3, but feel that a couple may put individuals off that do not have a significant other. Maybe leave the human figures off all together. Much luck with your book. PS. Definitely add the subtitle.

  17. Tanya K. says:

    I vote for #5. I like that Lust is red and underground. I also like the victorious person facing the dawn of a new day. I also prefer the subtitle you suggest as “Stories & Strategies for Sex & Porn Addiction Recovery”

  18. Nathan Saari says:

    My partner and I really like #3. The color combinations and the graphic of the couple paint a picture of “hope”. We are excited for your book.

  19. Jeremy Miller says:

    I really like the fifth one. Thank you for the opportunity to vote!! Whoop whoop to God for taking you on this journey to comfort and encourage so many others with the same comfort And encouragement God has given you Forrest.

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