Therapy Group for Sexually Addicted Women Starting This Summer

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We are excited to announce that this summer we are starting a new sexual addiction treatment group for women. This group will be led by Karen Huckaby, MFT Intern, who has experience working with both men and women with sexual addiction issues.

In our highly connected culture, certain topics are becoming less taboo than ever before, due to the rise of ability to share thoughts quickly with others. Pornography, gender issues, and sexual identity are more prevalent in the media because, while they might still be difficult to discuss, the efficiency to talk about these subjects has increased.

Karen states, “While the exclusive discussion of these issues is widening, this isn’t always the case as it pertains to women. It is still fairly taboo for a woman to admit that she might have concerns or fears about dealing with pornography or sexual identity. I’m passionate about coming alongside women who feel they are fighting a secret battle.”

This group will be for women who desire support and healing in their struggles with pornography or other sexually addictive behaviors. Please share with anyone you believe would benefit.

Contact Roubicek & Thacker Counseling at (559) 323-8484 to schedule an intake. For additional resources for women, check out this site.

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