2015: An Amazing Year for LifeSTAR of the Central Valley

This past year at LifeSTAR of the Central Valley was filled with many great opportunities to serve and inspire our community and world. Here are the highlights for 2015:

Our blog received 37,000 views this year! The best day was February 12th with 3,625 views!

February – Wrote “What One Person Can Do to Stand Against ‘Shades of Grey’“, which went viral (with 5,500 Facebook shares, receiving almost 18,000 hits)

Fresno Bee article version of Shades of Grey published

Started “The Anti-Pornography Movement” Facebook page

March – Forest Benedict becomes licensed and is promoted to Clinical Director

MayDangerous Access for Teens seminar

Dangerous Access for Parents

Fresno Bee article published – “My Path Out of Porn Addiction: A Therapist’s Journey

Pornography & Food Addiction Interviews

June – Porn Proof Kids article published – “Dear Porn: A Father’s Poignant Plan to Protect His Kids

July – Spoke to teenagers about pornography at Hartland summer camp

Interview with Stephen Kuhn

Interview with Carol the Coach

September – Article published in the Fresno Bee, “When Sex Secrets Surface

Seminar for adoptive/foster parents on pornography

OctoberSeminar for Parents on protecting children from pornography

November – Forest Benedict interviewed at FPU Seminary Chapel about pornography

December 2 & 9Seminars for Parents and Teenagers

Along with these opportunities, we continued providing a stellar program for those impacted by sexual addictions. Additionally, we enjoyed the honor of bringing Dr Kyle Weir and Karen Huckaby onto our LifeSTAR team. As we look ahead, there are a few opportunities on the calendar, such as:

January – Article by Forest Benedict, LMFT, SATP-C, on pornography in the church published in the Christian Leader magazine (online)

January 5 – Forest Benedict, LMFT, SATP-C, speaking at Crossroads Church in Tulock, on protecting children from pornography

April – Seminars for Parents & Teens in Fresno (Details to follow)

We wish tho thank all of our blog readers, followers, and clients for a great year. We are incredibly honored to serve the world and look forward to the New Year with high hopes! Happy New Year from LifeSTAR of the Central Valley!

-Written by Forest Benedict, MA, SATP-C, LMFT, Clinical Director of LifeSTAR of the Central Valley If you benefited from this article, please “follow” us on this blog and on Twitter, “like” us on Facebook, and SHARE this article and blog with others. Thank you!



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