The Pursuit of Addiction is the Path of Distrust

It is becoming clearer to me that the pursuit of addiction is the path of distrust. In moments of stress or distress, any numbing or self-destructive response is rooted in the belief that “I am unsafe and do not trust that love will be there if I reach out to it”. As a child, felt abandonment affirmed these fears. This is the narrative I have written throughout my life but it is not grounded in reality.  In my later life, my Higher Power and several dear others have shown themselves faithful. I have a strong support system in place. Lack of love is an illusion. Will I walk in recovery today, trusting that no need must go unmet and no pain must go un-comforted because love in abundance is available in any given moment? This is long-term recovery. This is my life’s path.

-Written by Forest Benedict, MA, SATP-C, LMFT, Clinical Director of LifeSTAR of the Central Valley If you benefited from this article, please “follow” us on this blog and on Twitter, “like” us on Facebook, and SHARE this article and blog with others. Thank you!

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