Join Forest Benedict, LMFT, SATP-C on Live Radio Show Tonight at 6pm PST


Join us tonight at 6pm PST! Carol the Coach will be interviewing Forest Benedict, LMFT, who a specialist in Sexual Addiction Treatment. Forest states, “As a therapist who specializes in the treatment of sexual addiction, the perspective that guides my work in attachment theory. From this viewpoint, sexual addiction is an attachment or intimacy disorder. When a secure attachment to a caregiver is not developed in early life, a person is more susceptible to addiction.”

In his book “Addiction as an Attachment Disorder”, Flores states it this way:

“No one ever escapes their need for satisfying relationships, and the degree to which we are unable to form healthy interpersonal intimacy determines the degree to which we are vulnerable to substitute [addiction] for human closeness” (p. 53).

Combine this lack of relational trust with the opportunity for a mood-altering experience, such as using pornography, and it is a formula for creating a powerful connection with a non-relational entity. Over time, this can become a person’s primary method of relieving stress, soothing sadness, calming anger, and managing other moods.

Looking at addiction through this attachment lens, one of the primary sources of healing is choosing to disconnect from addiction while simultaneously learning to connect in safe relationships. From this standpoint, healing means much more than mere abstinance or “sobriety”. That is why specific, daily exercises as well as other recovery components are recommended for deep, long-term recovery.

Listen tonight as Carol discusses with Forest this all important contributor to Sexual Addiction at 9PM EST on

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