Denial of Future Destruction

In the recent Time Traveler post we explained how disconnection from our futures selves makes us more likely to trade future happiness for momentary present pleasure. The above video vividly portrays the progression of this dangerous thought process.

Popular culture promotes immediate gratification over long-term gain. Additionally, addicts experience pre-frontal cortex damage that inhibits their brain’s capacity for “forward thinking”. That is why recovery is so vital. Without it, addicts will likely continue making self-destructive choices that feel pleasurable in the moment yet cause further damage to their brains, relationships, and ultimately the life of their futures selves.

Is it time to take responsibility and escape the “slow fade” into an unwanted future of pain and regret? With help, there is hope. If you find yourself in this self-destructive cycle, we at LifeSTAR are here to join you on a new path to healing. It’s time to set into motion a new, exciting future filled with joy and connection. Not just for you but also for the little feet that follow.

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-Written by Forest Benedict, MA, SATP-C, LifeSTAR of the Central Valley

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