Are We Having Fun Yet?

Fun is an essential part of life, yet something many addicts have difficulty practicing. Addicts “demonstrate an almost complete inability to relax and enjoy themselves” (Flores, 2004), so learning how to have fun without their “drug” of choice is a significant challenge of recovery.

In successful long-term recovery, learning how to have fun is non-negotiable. In the Plan of Action used in our LifeSTAR program, we wrote:

“Play is needed for your brain to relax. It puts balance and perspective in life. Some adults have great difficulty playing. They may feel too self-conscious, experience guilt when they are not being “productive” or worry about how they are perceived. But neuroscience research shows that the brain needs play to heal from both addiction and trauma.”

With this in mind, we prescribe fun as a regular habit.

The above Switchfoot video shows many forms of fun – did you see them? We recommend you create space in your life for all of these forms of fun:


Enjoying nature

Solitude & Inspiration



Family fun


Song & dance

Investing in healthy friendships




It is our hope that as you connect with the part of you that enjoys childlike fun, you will find the hard times in life more bearable, appreciating the joy and freedom of non-addictive living.



-By Forest Benedict, MA, SATP-C, MFT Intern

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